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Meet Our Volunteers

Connect with Diocesan Representatives and Youth Council members

Diocesan Representatives

This special network of volunteers connects Anglicans and others to the work of PWRDF partners in Canada and internationally. They represent PWRDF in their dioceses and bring together PWRDF Parish Representatives to engage in the work of PWRDF.

Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada

PWRDF Diocesan Representatives are appointed by their Diocesan Council or Diocesan Synod and approved by their Diocesan Bishop. Together with the PWRDF Board of Directors, they comprise the voting membership of the PWRDF Corporation.

To contact your PWRDF Diocesan Representative or to learn more about becoming a Diocesan Representative, please email Kim Umbach.

If you’re interested in getting involved or volunteering within your own parish, please contact your Diocesan Representative below.

Diocese of Algoma – Cathy Pirrie

Diocese of Arctic – vacant

Diocese of Athabasca – Mila Byron

Diocese of Brandon – Deb Clevett

Diocese of British Columbia – Geoff Strong

Diocese of Caledonia – Margo Hearne

Diocese of Calgary – Alison Longson

Territory of the People – Ron Ste Marie

Diocese of Central Newfoundland – Sheila Boutcher

Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador – Venerable Charlene Taylor

Diocese of Edmonton – Dorothy Marshall

Diocese of Fredericton – Anne Walling

Diocese of Huron – Reverend Gregory W. Smith

Diocese of Kootenay – Ruth Simpson

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikweesh – Reverend Ophelia Kam (Kamenawatamin)

Diocese of Montreal – Reverend Roslyn Macgregor

Diocese of Moosonee – Reverend Valerie Isaac

Diocese of New Westminster – vacant

Diocese of Niagara – Kerry Lubrick

Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island – Chris Pharo

Diocese of Ontario – vacant

Diocese of Ottawa – Jane Maxwell

Diocese of Qu’Appelle – Wilma Ward

Diocese of Quebec – Jonathan Patton

Diocese of Rupert’s Land – Lynne Spiring-Whitten

Diocese of Saskatchewan – Sheryl Kimbley

Diocese of Saskatoon – Tracy Harper

Diocese of Toronto – Vacant

Diocese of Western Newfoundland – Mona Edwards

Diocese of Yukon – Betty Davidson

Youth Council

The Youth Council is a forum for significant dialogue and engagement by and for youth with the wider PWRDF organization. Members participate in developing and sustaining the justgeneration network of Anglican youth throughout Canada to support and promote PWRDF. The Youth Council also has a representative on the PWRDF Board of Directors.


Charlotte Lilley – Diocese of Huron – Province of Ontario

Alexandra Hedderson –Ecclesiastical Province of Canada Representative

Mike Mackenzie –Diocese of Nova Scotia/PEI – Member at Large

Leah Marshall – Diocese of Edmonton – Province of Rupert’s Land Representative

James Mesich – Diocese of Algoma – Province of Ontario

Jessica Steele – Diocese of British Columbia – Province of British Columbia and Yukon

Clare Urquhart – Diocese of British Columbia

Paige Arden – Province of BC Yukon Rep

Duncan Chalmers – JDA lead

Learn more about the PWRDF youth movement.