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Lynn Schumacher

Diocesan Representative Diocese of Islands and Inlets  

Lynn is the liaison for the PWRDF Diocesan Team in the Diocese of Islands and Inlets, formerly the Diocese of British Columbia. She worships at St. Peter and St. Paul in Esquimalt and as well as being the PWRDF Parish Representative, she is a Liturgical Assistant, Altar Guild member and the Treasurer. Lynn serves on the Diocesan Council as a Regional Representative and has served as Warden and Synod Delegate in the parish and as a Diocesan Finance Committee member. The team approach is new and the hope is to have at least one representative from each of the four regions to encourage and help parish representatives spread the word about PWRDF’s activities. Lynn and her husband Paul are the parents of four children and the grandparents of seven grandchildren. They have lived on Vancouver Island for 10 years and are still in awe of its beauty.