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Join the youth movement

The justgeneration supports youth who want to get involved

Join the justgeneration Youth Movement

Across Canada, hundreds of young people volunteer to promote and support the work of PWRDF in their churches and communities through the justgeneration youth movement. This is a network of youth that supports and promotes the work of PWRDF by engaging more young people in Canada.

Young people have the power create positive social change and our goal is to to develop opportunities for you to engage with issues of justice – both nationally and internationally – in ways that resonate with your identity as a Christian.

Contact your Diocesan Representative or your Youth Council Representative to get support for promoting PWRDF in your community or church, in whatever way your creativity leads you! Whether your goal is to raise money or awareness, we want to hear what you’re up to and help out in any way we can.

For more information please contact our Youth Engagement Facilitator Su McLeod.

Youth Council

Youth ages 16 to 30 are also invited to apply to become members of the PWRDF Youth Council as openings become available. Members from across the country appointed and elected through the structures of the Anglican Church, as well as by our ecumenical partners in Canada. The Youth Council:

  • is a forum for significant dialogue and engagement by and for youth with the wider PWRDF organization.
  • is advisory to staff for strategic direction, priority setting and implementation.
  • will participate in developing and sustaining the network of Anglican youth throughout Canada to support and promote PWRDF.
  • will represent the values, ethics, policies, vision and mission of PWRDF and within the youth constituency of The Anglican Church of Canada.

The Youth Council also has a representative on the PWRDF Board of Directors.

Statement of Purpose

  • We are youth challenged by our faith, values, and beliefs to create positive transformation in ourselves and in the global community.
  • We value the power of youth and grassroots development in building relationships both locally and globally.
  • We will share the stories of our partners to inspire youth to be leaders, educators and advocates for living justice.

Created May 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Youth Council Members

(Top) Su McLeod (PWRDF Youth Engagement Facilitator), James Mesich, Mike Mackenzie, Landon Turlock, Duncan Chalmers, Jessica Steele, Leah Marshall, Murray MacAdam (PWRDF Board Liaison); (Bottom) Alexandra Hedderson, Charlotte Lilley, Clare Urquhart, Paige Arden, Laura Mezyka

Charlotte Lilley – Diocese of Huron – Province of Ontario

Mike Mackenzie – Diocese of Nova Scotia/PEI – Member at Large

Leah Marshall – Diocese of Edmonton – Province of Rupert’s Land Representative

James Mesich – Diocese of Algoma – Province of Ontario

Jessica Steele – Diocese of British Columbia – Province of British Columbia and Yukon

Clare Urquhart – Diocese of British Columbia

Paige Arden – Province of BC Yukon Rep

Duncan Chalmers – JDA lead

Landon Turlock – Development and Peace representative

Laura Mezyka – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada representative