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Indigenous Programs

Reconciliation support through language recovery, responsive grants and more

In Canada

For 25 years, PWRDF has worked with Indigenous communities in Canada as development partners.

PWRDF is committed to nurturing and building relationships with indigenous communities, supporting the preservation of language and culture, and defending the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination. PWRDF works with international indigenous communities in both Canada and the developing world, supporting community advocacy and helping indigenous communities maintain and nurture traditional knowledge and practices.

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In Canada, PWRDF assists through the support of traditional education and cultural activities, the establishment of potable water systems, and nurturing a dialogue around holistic health.

To read more about our Indigenous programs in Canada, please click on the links below:

Learn more about the Indigenous Water Project and the Pimatisiwin Nipi (“Living Water”) Group.

Outside of Canada

In the developing world, PWRDF helps encourage wider indigenous dialogue and solidarity by supporting Indigenous forums in the Global South, notably the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas, which allows indigenous women to convene, share experiences and learning, and contribute to the preservation of indigenous identity. PWRDF has also worked with indigenous communities to train midwives, improve their food security, and enhance their advocacy.

PWRDF’s work with indigenous partnerships aspires to strengthen the connection between indigenous people and the traditions, language and culture of their forebears. PWRDF programs aim to help eradicate lingering social injustices and to foster understanding, partnership, and support for indigenous peoples, traditions and identities.

To read more about our Indigenous programs outside Canada, please click on the project below: