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Indigenous Partnership Program Timeline

1996-1997 – Following a series of visits and consultations to Indigenous partners, responding in part to the landmark apology to Canada’s indigenous people from then Primate Michael Peers, PWRDF launches its Indigenous Partnership Program.

PWRDF supports Indigenous partners’ programs that strengthen, restore and preserve Indigenous languages, culture and traditional knowledge; restoring Indigenous languages represents is critical to preserving culture, identity and general well-being of individuals, families and communities. Partners also implement programs that empower community members and nurture self-sufficiency, as well as health programs for women (i.e., maternal and midwifery support, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder and family violence) and for youth (i.e., skills training, job opportunities and entrepreneurship development, and suicide prevention programs).

2005 – External evaluation to the program leads to further consultation

2006 – Indigenous partners conference in Ontario

2011 – Indigenous Partners Roundtable in Alberta. The consultations reaffirm that the program is responding to needs and priorities in Indigenous communities.

2013 – PWRDF responds to Indigenous partners’ critical needs and raised concerns about water access and climate change threats. Programs continue to acknowledge, recognize and support access to safe water for all, water as a human right. Partners work on strategies to mitigate the impact of climate change.

2019 – Five-year strategic plan articulates as one of our five goals “to accompany and support First Nations, Métis and Inuit people on our mutual path of reconciliation.”

2020 – PWRDF establishes the Indigenous Program Advisory Committee (IPAC) to provide guidance and advice to staff on ways by which to support priorities of Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada. PWRDF is working hard to secure new venues of funding to our Indigenous Partnership Program and the Indigenous Responsive Grant Fund as result of current strategic discussions and alliances with other financial and funding organizations, and Anglicans in Canada.

2021 – PWRDF establishes the Indigenous Response Program Grant.