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Empowering Women

Microfinance programs and gender-based violence prevention

Improving the lives and situations of girls and women addresses the injustice of gender-based gaps and also leads to greater benefits for the whole community. Gender equity and female empowerment is addressed in almost all of our projects, but specifically:

  • gender workshops for partners’ staff and hiring of gender specialists and trainers
  • improved access to clean water, which reduces time spent getting water and in many cases making it possible for girls to go to school
  • supporting women’s groups advocating for the right to own land and be leaders in their communities
  • education and training of women farmers
  • prenatal education for mothers and fathers
  • access for pregnant women to health care facilities with ambulances (traditional as well as bicycle, motorcycle and boat)
  • family planning education
  • microfinance programs to allow women to earn an income and a livelihood
  • education of men in non-traditional roles such as care giving
  • empowering women to advocate for themselves through training and education

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