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Preventive Health

Improved quality of life through access and education for all

Many communities in the developing world often lack access to basic health care facilities, education and supplies. HIV and AIDS continues to be a major issue in many countries. Many PWRDF partners have a focus on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health which includes children under five.

Read more about our All Mothers and Children Count program.

PWRDF’s overall strategy to reduce poverty worldwide depends in large part on improving health. Specifically, our programs address:

  • Maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) – prenatal visits, education about healthy pregnancies, access to trained birth attendants, newborn care education, vaccinations and well baby visits
  • reproductive and sexual health and family planning – education about child spacing and safe sexual activities
  • HIV/AIDS – prevention, education and treatment
  • Nutrition – preventing malnutrition and promoting good nutrition, often with agricultural interventions
  • Access to clean water – bore wells, water purification systems
  • malaria prevention – treated mosquito bed nets, education
  • improving access to health care with construction of basic health facilities in rural areas (clinics, expectant mothers’ houses, dispensaries)
  • providing solar power electricity to clinics
  • community education – youth theatre groups, radio programs
  • supplying medications and equipment
  • enhanced training of health professionals, and training of community health workers.
  • education/outreach – training volunteer Community Health Workers, students

To read more about our health programs, please click on the country name below: