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Humanitarian Response

Short- and long-term disaster relief at home and abroad


Every year PWRDF responds to emergencies in Canada and around the world. Primarily, we allocate grants to appeals issued by the ACT Alliance, of which we are a member. ACT Alliance is an organization of 140 international Christian organizations working in areas of high need. When disaster happens, ACT is able to contact one of its members already in place and quickly get them funds for immediate necessities of life, such as water, sanitation, food and shelter. PWRDF also works with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in this same capacity.

When disasters are particularly grave, the government of Canada sometimes introduces a matching period to encourage donors. The time period and the value of the match is up to the government. In April 2019, the government determined that only funds donated to the Humanitarian Coalition will be eligible to receive a government match.

The Humanitarian Coalition is a collection of 10 leading aid organizations providing Canadians with a simple and effective way to help during large-scale humanitarian emergencies. Its goal is to reduce unnecessary fundraising competition, increase the impact of humanitarian responses and reduce administrative costs.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a member of the Humanitarian Coalition, and PWRDF’s membership in the Foodgrains Bank allows donations to PWRDF to be matched. For more information about matching funds please contact Mike Ziemerink.

In Canada

PWRDF responds to disasters in Canada when requested, and if able. The following documents provide more information.

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