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Humanitarian Response

Short- and long-term disaster relief at home and abroad


Every year PWRDF responds to emergencies in Canada and around the world. Primarily, we allocate grants to appeals issued by the ACT Alliance, of which we are a member. ACT Alliance is an organization of 140 international Christian organizations working in areas of high need. When disaster happens, ACT is able to contact one of its members already in place and quickly get them funds for immediate necessities of life, such as water, sanitation, food and shelter. PWRDF also works with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in this same capacity.

Recent relief projects

PWRDF responding to two major disasters in Indonesia and Philippines through ACT Alliance
Livelihoods return to those affected by Nepal floods
PWRDF joins Foodgrains Bank Rohingya relief effort
PWRDF leading $375,000 food assistance project in South Sudan
PWRDF donor enables food distribution in South Sudan
PWRDF Rohingya update 
PWRDF to support Yemen emergency response with Foodgrains Bank 
PWRDF responds to cyclone disaster

In Canada

PWRDF responds to disasters in Canada when requested, and if able. The following documents provide more information.

PWRDF In-Canada Emergency Preparedness and Response Guidelines 2018
PWRDF In-Canada Emergency Reporting template
Gift Agreement

Read more about our In-Canada Emergency Response procedure, or download this In-Canada Emergency Response booklet as single pages or spreads.

Recent in-Canada disaster response

Fort McMurray two years on
Relief funds keep B.C. Friendship Centre open after wildfire