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A Liturgy for the Season of Creation and beyond

For use anytime between September 1, 2021 and October 4, 2021 or at any other suitable time

As part of our three-year education focus Creation Care: Climate Action, PWRDF is pleased to offer this worship resource created by the Very Reverend Ken Gray. Recently retired from over 35 years of lay and ordained ministry throughout the Anglican Church of Canada, Ken Gray now devotes much of his time to environmental advocacy, teaching and writing. He also continues in various contexts to develop liturgical and other resources. He can be seen gliding up and down the hills of Kamloops with his new e-bike. He also coordinates the work of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club and connects with a variety of local sustainability projects. You can follow his blog Take Note and his images may be viewed at

Getting Started

Ken designed this worship resource with the needs and requests in mind of congregations of all sizes. It may be presented online and in-person. While respecting the text provided and the shape of the liturgy, you are encouraged to adapt it for your local context where necessary, and use it in whole or in part. Except where noted otherwise, this rite is based on Leading Into the World by Paul Gallbreath, Rowman and Littlefield, London, 2014 and is used and adapted with permission of the author.

For each musical moment a traditional hymn and a musical media option are included. Use of the musical media options will require adherence to local copyright and broadcast requirements. It is your responsibility to obtain such permissions as you are able.

View and download entire service as a PDF

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Sermon notes

Coffee Hour Option – Video presentation

Interview with Ken Gray and the Rev. Canon Cathy Campbell, PWRDF’s Liaison to the Board of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.