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World of Gifts wraps up another successful campaign

February 12, 2021

By Mike Ziemerink

Despite the enormous challenges facing Canadians in 2020, Anglicans came together and made PWRDF’s World of Gifts a success yet again.

Thanks to generous individuals and groups across Canada more than $438,000 was raised for PWRDF partners and programs during the Christmas campaign. Just over 3,800 gifts were purchased this year with an average gift amount of $110 per transaction. More than $72,000 of the funds raised went toward protecting health clinics in Africa with our All Mothers and Children Count COVID-19 extension program, which will be matched 6:1 by the Government of Canada.

As usual, livestock and farming gifts were a popular choice among donors. Goats were again the number one item, with 730 goats donated to provide Community Health Workers with supplemental income and food security in Malawi. Donors purchased 83 donkeys to make it easier for Kenyan families to carry clean water from community well to their homes, and more than 2,500 chickens were purchased to support organic women farmers in Colombia.

For some of our higher priced gift items, groups teamed up to raise money get the most bang for their buck. Such as in British Columbia, where St. Andrew’s in Langley teamed up with St. Dunstan’s in Aldergrove in order to “buy the whole farm.” Working together to raise money in our new virtual setting, volunteers used PWRDF resources like customized Zoom backgrounds to raise awareness during online church services. The team also created a “virtual farm” on the St. Andrew’s website where they added items to the farm as funds were raised. In total, the two churches raised more than $3,200, enough to purchase five farms with some funds left over.

Across Canada, individuals, churches and other groups donated raised and donated $56,936 to buy 96 farms!

Clean water was a running theme in this year’s World of Gifts and PWRDF donors responded. Generous donors purchased 117 pipes for water wells with our partner in Kenya, Utooni Development Organization (UDO). On top of that, donor purchased 16 complete water wells with hand pumps and 4 water wells with solar pumps. This means a total of $36,295 will support UDO’s program to improve health in vulnerable communities and reduce travel times to retrieve clean water.

Anglicans in Canada also made sure PWRDF was ready to respond when disasters strike. Raising more than $26,000 for our equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF will now be ready to respond with food assistance and crop restoration when disasters strike around the world. These funds are also eligible for up to a 4:1 match from the Government of Canada.

Indigenous programs were also popular this year with donors funding 94 shawls, that Indigenous midwives use to carry herbs, ointments and oils necessary during childbirth. Donors are gave more than $10,000 to help Indigenous youth start their own businesseses through our partner NEDC in British Columbia.

Additionally, $17,600 was raised to support the Anglican Church of Canada’s Indigenous Ministries with pandemic relief in indigenous communities.

PWRDF’s World of Gifts is available all year long and can make great gifts for Easter, birthdays anniversaries and more. Check out our online shop today.