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Why Did I Choose PWRDF?

November 29, 2016

By Sheilagh

Cuba Justice Camp participants share a meal together
Cuba Justice Camp participants share a meal together

By Sarah Stephens, PWRDF Youth Council member from BC/Yukon


In October of 2016, I joined PWRDF Youth Council because this organization has played such an important role in my life. It is an organization that I find inspirational and I am proud to now be more involved with. I grew up in the Anglican Church in British Columbia, and for as long as I can remember, PWRDF has been talked about at church and is an organization that I have helped support through bake sales, car washes, dinners, you name it!


In 2010, I was travelling in South Africa and had the opportunity to visit Temba House which was at the time a PWRDF sponsored AIDS education centre. We had a tour of the building and learned about the work that they do in terms of patient care and education about HIV/AIDS.  I was only there for a short while but it had a great impact on me and awoke a deeper awareness of the work of PWRDF. I discovered that the fundraising efforts in Canada were supporting life-saving work in Africa. In May of 2016, I travelled to Cuba for Justice Camp which was a joint initiative of the Diocese of Cuba and the Diocese of Niagara, along with PWRDF, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Foundation. Once again I was able to see the work that PWRDF does first hand, as well as connect with others who feel passionately about justice, peace, education, and community.


Having such a large Anglican organization that does incredible work both within Canada and internationally is amazing, and is something that we must continue to support in as many ways as possible. We partner with organizations and individuals who are already working on the ground – in Canada and across the globe – and we find out what support they need for long term development. PWRDF is not an organization that is looking for ‘the quick fix’, PWRDF is focused on long term actions and long term results. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty with our partners, nor are we afraid of fostering cross-continental and cross-global relationships. I wholly support this partnership as development work is not about a quick fix solution nor is it about deciding who needs help and with what – rather it is about listening to those in need and hearing from them what they need and in what form. I commend PWRDF for their model of development and aid, and that is why I choose PWRDF.

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