PWRDF staff, September 2017
(not shown: Jeanine Cudmore, Elsa Tesfay)

Reach us at:

80 Hayden St.
Toronto, On
M4Y 3G2

Phone: (416) 924-9199 or toll-free (866) 308-7973

PWRDF Staff List
Director, Development Partnership Program
ext. 215
Communications Coordinator
ext. 366
Finance Administrative Officer
ext. 355
Program Officer, Development Partnership Program
ext. 248
Development Program Coordinator
ext. 320
Executive Assistant
ext. 256
Grants Administration Officer
ext. 318
Coordinator, Donor Relations and Fundraising
ext. 306
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator
ext. 301
Finance Administrative Officer
ext. 323
Humanitarian Response Coordinator
ext. 321
Public Engagement Program Officer
ext. 325
Africa Development Program Coordinator
ext. 208
External Funding Program Manager
ext. 203
Finance Manager
ext. 362
Youth Engagement Facilitator
ext. 316
Executive Director
ext. 264
Public Engagement Program Coordinator
ext. 267
Finance Officer
ext. 328
Director, Finance, Administration and Operations
ext. 206
Volunteer Management Advisor
ext. 367
Director, Canadian Anglican Partnership Program
ext. 266
Finance Officer
ext. 324
Canadian Indigenous Communities & Latin America-Caribbean Development Program Coordinator
ext. 240

updated May 2018