Reverend Roslyn Macgregor

Diocese of Montreal

Ros grew up in Longueuil, Quebec. In 1967, she entered the Society of St. Margaret (Anglican) in Boston and from 1971-1973 was in Haiti as a missionary, where she was converted. Her experience in Haiti has directed her life since. After a breakdown/breakthrough, she left the community, returning to Montreal In 1983 to complete studies in education and theology. Ros was ordained priest in 1992 and served as executive director of Mile End Community Mission from 1995 as well as parish priest of St. Cuthbert, St. Hilda, and St. Luke’s Church in eastern Montreal – a wonderful small remnant community in a huge area that had 12 churches in the 1940s and ‘50s. She retired as director of Mile End in 2012, and continues as honorary chaplain. She was chair of the anti-racism committee and is presently PWRDF’s Diocesan Representative for the Diocese of Montreal as well as co-chair of the PWRDF Montreal unit.