Ron Ste. Marie

Diocese of the Territory of the People

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Ron has lived in British Columbia since 1984. He and Jennifer have also lived, with their five children, in Europe and Asia. He has taught high school, principally French, German and Social Studies since 1986, but is now an on-call teacher with time to devote to other interests like sustainable agriculture and music. He and Jennifer are actively pursuing the idea of creating a co-housing eco-village community. Aside from church work, Ron has volunteer experience with coaching sports, directing summer camp, political campaign, and some scouting. He has served on a couple of executive boards, but this is definitely not his forte or his passion. At St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops, he is part of the prayer ministry and does other odd jobs. He is the PWRDF diocesan rep for the Territory of the People, formerly the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (APCI).