Joan Irving

Diocese of Saskatoon

Originally from Ireland, Joan was raised in London, England and moved to Canada with her husband David 30 years ago. They have lived in all three western provinces. Joan trained as a radiographer in England and then took further education to train as a CT Technologist and an MRI Technologist in Canada. Joan’s husband is clergy (the Bishop of Saskatoon), and Joan has held many different volunteer positions in parishes and the local communities. She has worked with Sunday schools and parish outreach centres, volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society and in Saskatoon Joan, as co-chair, has led visits to Mexico to build homes, and assist in an orphanage and medical clinic with parish members who do the physical building as possible. A total of five homes have been built. Joan and David have two children and. “Around the world there are always people needing a little extra help and I want to assist where I am able.”