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We’ve met our match! 

Elvina Kulwa’s donkey, a gift from UDO in Kenya, helps her carry water home saving her time and hardship.

December 7, 2023

By Jacqueline Tucci

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This year, thanks to a very generous donor, support for World of Gifts was matched up to $110,000. We are very excited to announce that thanks to your generosity, this match has been met! More than $110,000 has been donated to fund programs in countries all over the world. 

PWRDF donors have been busy getting their Christmas shopping done with World of Gifts. So far, goats for Partners in Health Community Health Workers in Malawi, vegetable seeds for South Sudanese refugees returning home and farm tools for women in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania have proven to be the most popular items. Other popular World of Gifts items include water-carrying donkeys for families in Kenya and supporting Moringa seed cultivation in refugee camps along the border of Thailand and Burma.  

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The World of Gifts match may be met, but the campaign is still going strong. There’s still time to shop! Browse our online gift guide today to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, while making a world of difference. If you’re still looking for a matching gift, then check out gift #29, support for PWRDF’s equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. These gifts are matched up to 4:1 by the government of Canada when used to provide emergency food relief.  

When you buy items from our World of Gifts, you can send physical cards or eCards to your loved ones to let them know about your gift.  

The annual PWRDF World of Gifts campaign allows you to alleviate poverty, promote sustainability, and support communities in need in Canada and around the world. There are 29 impactful gifts available for purchase this year; some familiar and many new.  

Shop the World of Gifts Guide today!