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Praying with PWRDF

Join us on Zoom the second Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. EST for online worship. All are welcome to join our online parish. Hundreds have prayed with us from across Canada.

Thursday, September 14, 1 p.m. ET – PWRDF Public Engagement Program Coordinator Suzanne Rumsey will be our guest reflector.

Past reflections can be viewed on our YouTube channel here.

Thursday, March 23, 1 p.m. ET

World Water Day Webinar

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In this webinar, PWRDF’s External Funding Program Manager Richard Librock will discuss the importance of water to all aspects of life. We will see examples of PWRDF’s partners’ work in climate change adaptation related to maintaining clean water for communities and healthy soil. This webinar will focus on the diversity of ways PWRDF partners work with small-scale farmers to access and store water for a variety of uses. Josephine Kizza Aliddeki from St. Jude Family Projects will illustrate how farmers in Uganda harvest rainfall off rooftops and slopes for storage in covered cisterns. Backson Muchini from TSURO Trust will demonstrate how farmers harvest rainwater off slopes with a variety of tools that include, infiltration pits, gabions, swales, ponds, check dams and cattle. Method Kamuhanda from the Diocese of Masasi will explain how farmers use different sources of energy to draw potable water from groundwater recharge and flow, via boreholes and springs.

Meet our Presenters

Josephine Kizza Aliddeki, Executive Director, St. Jude Family Projects, Uganda

Josephine is the Executive Director of St. Jude Family Projects and Organic Training Center, a PWRDF partner organization in Masaka, Uganda. Since founding the organization with her late husband in 1993 she has also established the St. Jude College of Agro-Ecology, the St. Jude Practical Permaculture Institute, and the St. Jude Agricultural and Vocational Institute. Josephine holds degrees in Organic Agriculture and Education and over the years, she has gained a wealth of expertise and experience in agro-ecology and sustainable food production.

Backson Muchini, Executive Director, TSURO (Towards Sustainable Use of Resources Organization) Trust, Zimbabwe

Backson is the Executive Director of TSURO Trust, Zimbabwe. He is a Social Protectionist, Development Worker, Farmer, Beekeeper and Agroecologist with degrees in the Social Sciences and Psychology. He has worked throughout sub-Saharan Africa in a wide variety of roles with a particular focus on youth and psychological trauma. Backson has worked in several sectors including psychosocial well-being, emergency response, food relief, sustainable agriculture, education and skills training, health care, economic strengthening, human rights, civic education and capacity building.

Method Kamuhanda, Project Manager, Anglican Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania

Method is a Project Manager for the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) interventions of the Anglican Diocese of Masasi’s development program. Since 2016, he has worked with different partners such as PWRDF, Grille Foundation and World Vision Tanzania in supporting rural communities to have access to clean and safe water, and improved sanitation and hygiene services. Method states, “My desire is to work with communities so that they are free from water borne diseases and food insecurity and so that family incomes are improved.”

Richard Librock, External Funding Program Manager, PWRDF

Richard has worked at PWRDF since 2014 as the External Funding Program Manager. He is a certified educator in Holistic Management and one of the founders of the Participatory Ecological Land-use Management (PELUM) network of more than 200 member organizations that promote sustainable agriculture in 12 countries of eastern, southern and central Africa.

Thursday, February 23, 1 p.m. ET

Click the image to view the webinar.

Creation Care: Climate Action 2.2: Climate-related emergencies and women

In year two of our Creation Care: Climate Action education focus, we are exploring the intersections between Climate Change and Gender. 

To launch Learning Module 2.2, we will hear from Bishop Jane Alexander, now ministering in the Territory of the People, and Mary Obiero, Director of Programs with Church World Service Africa, based in Kenya. They will discuss how women are affected by emergencies caused by climate change, be they fires, floods or droughts. How are women impacted differently than men? And how are they responding?

Wednesday, February 1, 7 p.m. ET

Introducing Super Friends 10!

Super Friends is a long-standing Social Justice resource produced by PWRDF for children with stories, activities and faith connection. In this newly revised edition you will find these same elements and more. The purpose of this webinar is to share the new look of Super Friends, and this support resource for those who work with children and youth. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the new resource and how you might use it in your ministry and home with the contributors:

  • The Rev. Cheryl Kukurtz, Diocese of Brandon
  • Ian Long of Blob Tree
  • Su McLeod, PWRDF Youth Engagement Coordinator

Thursday, January 26, 1 p.m. ET

Volunteer Orientation Webinar

This webinar is for new PWRDF Parish Representatives, Diocesan Representatives or interested friends who want to learn more about PWRDF, the role of volunteers and ways to stay informed and support PWRDF. If you are considering becoming a PWRDF volunteer, you may find this introductory session helpful as you will have the opportunity to meet staff and ask questions.