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Waste not, want not

Bottles are re-used for many purposes at the CCRD-run farm in Cuba. Photo: Mona Edwards

May 24, 2016

By Mona Edwards

Buenos Dios from Cuba,

In a materialistic society we sometimes lose sight of the Common Good/ Bien Comun. As our social engagement group of 13 Cubans and 9 Canadians explored  a farm run by the Cardenas Christian Centre for Reflection and Dialogue (CCRD), we were reminded that everything in God’s creation has a purpose. From using flies as fertilizer (yes, really; flies are trapped in soda bottles hung over the crop drills where they decompose and fall into the soil below), to bees for pollinating the crops, with a beehive on site.

The immersion group at the CCRD farm.
The immersion group at the CCRD farm.

The CCRD is an ecumenical centre open to persons from all denominations and walks of life. One of its purposes is to encourage, organize and execute community and social aid projects. The 40 hectare farm is a big help in achieving this.  With no evidence of a recycling program in the area, we were impressed at the many uses for soda bottles, including preserving crops, which are then given for urban social projects, distributed to needy people, or sold to raise funds for the many projects within the centre and beyond.

It is interesting to note the level of ecumenism among the church based groups, and the fact that the government supports it, as they believe it promotes unity, which it does indeed, but also for the benefit of the people, Thank God.

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