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Touching, Tasting, Seeing, Hearing and Singing Food Security

Songs about permaculture

July 29, 2016

By act

PWRDF, in collaboration with the Sorrento Centre, is holding its third food security course titled, Sharing Bread (Three), from July 24 to 30. Each day, staff and participants will blog about the experience. Today’s blog is written by Jackie Leach, PWRDF Volunteer from the Diocese of Kootenay.

Yesterday, I was one of four participants of the PWRDF Sharing Bread (Three)

Week that drove down the road to the Sorrento Farm to pull weeds from a long row of melons. The sun shone and we worked in the damp soil relieving the earth of this multitude of plants, many of them perennials that are threatening to take over this organic garden. This produce supplies organic fruits and vegetables for the kitchen at Sorrento and the excess is donated or sold to the local community.

Learning about Migrant Justice in  Canada
Learning about Migrant Justice in Canada – Guacamole for Justice!

In the evening, our group of 16 prepared “Guacamole for Justice” with fresh produce supplied by Raul and Alejandra from the Migrant Workers Dignity Association and Janette from KAIROS. While we were busy chopping and dicing, they performed a skit about the plight of migrant farm workers who come to all regions of Canada to work on our farms. We were asked to advocate for these workers to organize activities in our communities so that more Canadians can be made aware of the situation of Temporary Foreign Workers.

To begin our session today, as we have each morning, we answered two questions about the previous day. 1. Where did you see or hear about abundance yesterday? 2. What in our session yesterday made you feel close to God? Every morning a lively discussion has followed.

Today’s session was called “Stories From the Trenches.” To begin, Ron and Jennifer shared the agricultural practice of permaculture with a very stimulating video on a group in Israel who built a garden in the desert producing fruit in a very short period of time. Ron also shared a folk song he had written called Slow It, Spread It, Sink It based on the principles of permaculture.

Michael spoke about the links between hunger and homelessness in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada, highlighting how the lack of affordable housing is forcing many Canadians to choose between purchasing food and paying the rent.

Peter shared his trip to Cuba as a member of a PWRDF delegation. They learned much about what the churches are doing to support communities through small scale, sustainable farming and food conservation.

We will be leaving here on Saturday full of knowledge and fresh ideas to share back home, and refreshed after a week of fun in the sun and the cooling waters of Shuswap Lake.

Closing Prayer

We pray to you dear Lord to thank you for this wonderful place called Sorrento on the shores of Shuswap Lake, on the traditional lands of the Secwepemc people; this place for study, growth and serenity. We thank you for all of our leaders this week, for Suzanne and Sheilagh from the Primate’s Fund, for our partners Farida and Liza and their sharing of the incredible organic farming going on in their country of Bangladesh, for our learning today from Jennifer, Ron, Michael and Peter on the work that is going on in the trenches in Canada and Cuba.

We also give thanks and praise to you Dear Lord for all of the workers that feed us with these healthy meals and who keep this Centre and Farm functioning in such a well-maintained way. And especially, we give thanks for the friendships we are developing this week and for all we are learning from each other. Guide us in our work when we travel back home.

From Welcome Home – Year of Luke. The prayer for the week of July 24th.

Creator of all that is good, keep our hearts open so that when our neighbour calls in need, we may respond with generosity.

Hear us for the sake of Him so that we might become rich. Amen.