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The Three Cantors in Brantford : Farewell (for now)

The Three Cantors: Bill Cliff, David Pickett and Peter Wall sang before a packed house in Brantford. Photo: Huron Church News

February 26, 2016

By Huron Church News

The Three Cantors returned on Feb. 22 to the place where they had started almost two decades ago. The sold-out performance at Grace Church in Brantford confirmed their amazing repertoire diversity and ability to connect with their audience.

“From the first note sung until the last note died away, the Three Cantors had everyone captivated by their music,” said Gillian Hoyer, a PWRDF board member who attended the concert.  “While we all applauded enthusiastically after each set, I think the loudest applause of all was when Archbishop Fred Hiltz announced that the Three Cantors have raised $1.4 million over the years in benefit of PWRDF. What a gift!

Angus Sinclair accompanied the Three Cantors in their final (for now) concert in Brantford. Photo: Huron Church News

“The concert was called ‘The Three Cantors Give Thanks’ and its tone was more of a fun evening with friends than a farewell (for now) show. It was 600 of their closest friends packed in an Anglican Church in Brantford giving thanks for the gift of music and ministry of the Three Cantors in support of PWRDF.”

The Three Cantors – David Pickett, William Cliff and Peter Wall, along with arranger and accompanist Angus Sinclair – gave their first concert at Grace Church in April 1997. Since then they have appeared on stage on 240 occasions supporting the efforts of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.

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