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The Primate’s Gift

January 2, 2011

By pwrdf

(Image: Students at a sewing class)

On December 22, 2010, Jeannethe Lara, PWRDF’s Africa Development Program Coordinator, presented the Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, with a wrapped gift.  As the Primate unwrapped the gift, he exclaimed over the beauty of the embroidery on the dining room cloth set that had been made for him.  Ms. Lara explained that the gift came from the staff of the Diocese of Bujumbura in Burundi, and had been made by women involved in a training program operated by the Mother’s Union in the Diocese.

This program instructs young women on life skills and trades.  They are provided with ongoing counseling and accompaniment; and participate in sewing, embroidery, cooking, and domestic arts (housekeeping) workshops, as well as gender workshops to empower women.

Image: Embroidery teacher, Mother's Union program Director, and Sewing teacher)

The project enables vulnerable young women to develop employable skills. The group includes teenaged single mothers, victims of rape, and illiterate women.  All of them have been affected by the Burundian civil war which lasted for 15 years from 1993-2008.  Besides preparing them to find employment and become financially independent, the program also provides a safe environment and helps women in crisis to reconnect with society.  PWRDF has supported the work of the Diocesan Development Office in the Diocese of Bujumbura since 1992.   The Mothers’ Union operates under the wing of the Diocese.
Archbishop Hiltz has written to thank Bishop Pie Ntukamazina for sending the gift.  He also commented on the incredible work done by the Mother’s Union in Bujumbura.  The table cloth which was part of the gift has been used in the Chapel of the Apostles at Church House as part of the chancel decoration.

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