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The Nanganga Clinic

Dr. Selemane Kazibwe is proud to be part of the health team at the Nanganga clinic. Photo: Bart Dickinson

September 23, 2016

By Simon Chambers

The community of Nanganga, Tanzania is home to a small health clinic supported by PWRDF and the Diocese of Masasi, with funding from Global Affairs Canada.  This small clinic boasts a staff of three, with the doctor living right next door and therefore available at all hours.  It serves about 25,000 in its 15 km catchment area.

The size of the region it serves is a challenge, according to Dr. Selemane Kazibwe, the clinic’s doctor– especially for mothers.  He also worries that the ratio of patients to doctor is far too high.  In his practice, the most common medical problems the community faces are malaria, malnutrition and pneumonia.

Blandina Corobinani speaks with PWRDF and EHALE staff about her experience of the Nanganga clinic.
Blandina Corobinani speaks with PWRDF and Diocese of Masasi staff about her experience of the Nanganga clinic.

Blandina Corobinani is a mother who lives just a few minutes walk from the clinic.  She lists nutrition as the number one concern of the community.  “Some women in the community, knowing they cannot feed their children even before they have them, feel guilty about being a mother,” she said.  Blandina is happy to have the clinic so near to her house, and is quite satisfied with the services she and her family receive from it.

The Diocese of Masasi works closely with the communities it serves, and is already working to begin to address the food security issues in Nanganga.  Staff from the Diocese are working with families to build enclosures for cows, goats, guinea fowl and other animals, and education sessions on composting have been held to help families to have better yields from their home gardens.

Further work by the diocese and by the people of Nanganga will continue to help families have enough to eat.  And the clinic will continue to be staffed and supported, improving the health of mothers, newborns and children and living into the name of PWRDF’s program All Mothers and Children Count.

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