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The Hunger Project at Appleby College

August 11, 2016

By Sheilagh

Students at Appleby College participate in a "Hunger Banquet"
Students at Appleby College participate in a “Hunger Banquet”

Annie Hsu is a grade 12 student at Appleby College.  After high school she hopes to go to University to pursue an undergraduate degree in International Relations, but what she really wants to do is travel, learn about the world, and make a difference.

Last year, Annie was part of a co-curricular group named the Hunger Project at Appleby College that looked at issues of food security in the hopes of learning more about the issue and being inspired to make change in our world.

In the summer between grades 9 and 10, Annie was part of a summer leadership program on global development and leadership. As part of that program Annie participated in a Hunger Banquet. It was a meal that divided participants according to three different income groups of the world – upper, middle and lower. The participants were separated into the different groupings based on current world statistics. Many were served a lower class meal (plain rice while sitting on the floor) while some were served a modest meal (simple beans and rice), and very few ate very well with abundant delicious food (salad, pizza, pasta, desserts, juices, etc.). This “Banquet” left an impression on her. It motivated her to want to learn more and be part of creating a world where these divisions don’t exist.

Learning about hunger in the world
Learning about hunger in the world

She brought the idea back to her school. The school liked the idea so much that a co-curricular group was started. This group met daily from April until the end of the school year. The group coordinated two Hunger Banquet events for students at Appleby College in May. Through this event, the group hoped to empower others to take actions to make a difference. Participants of the events were deeply impacted by the event, gained new insights on the issue of hunger, and motivated to take actions in their own community. This event speaks to the school’s core values of being Community Spirited, Actively Engaged and Globally Responsible.

Annie states that she is lucky to be in an environment that is supportive of her ideas. This world is lucky to have Annie working on educating people to take action towards ending inequality. Thank you for your dedication Annie!

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