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The Golden Coin

An 1882 $2 Newsfoundland coin found in a PWRDF coin box. Photo: Simon Chambers

October 9, 2013

By Simon Chambers

You never know what is going to show up in a coin collection box.  Usually, they come back with anywhere from a few to a couple of dozen dollars worth of loose change.  Sometimes they come back with an interesting story of how someone went out and earned the money that ended up in the box.  But every now and then there is something more.

Anneke de Zeeuw of St. Matthew’s, Ottawa found a surprise in a PWRDF coin box.  She saw a coin glinting among the coins from a Sunday School PWRDF collection.  On examination she discovered a golden $2 coin from Newfoundland, minted in 1882.  A local collectible store appraised the antique coin, and discovered that its value was close to $500!

Holding onto the coin until she was sure that no child had mistakenly put it in the collection box, she then passed it on to PWRDF as an anonymous donation.

To whoever it was at St. Matthew’s who chose to share their bounty with PWRDF and to Annette, we say thank you!

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