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The Canadian Foodgrains Bank and PWRDF: A Christian partnership against Global Hunger

November 6, 2017

By Vashti Boateng

One of the organizations The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund works through is the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. PWRDF, alongside 15 other church agencies, is a member of the Foodgrains Bank. This relationship allows PWRDF to have access to government funding for responses to global food and nutrition emergencies.

The Foodgrains Bank was created as a pilot project of the Mennonite Central Committee in 1976 to allow Canadian farmers to share their harvests with those less fortunate than themselves around the world. The project was opened in 1983 to include multiple church agencies and was then re-established as “The Canadian Foodgrains Bank”. Today the organization fights hunger in over 40 countries and it’s member’s represent 30 denominations and more than 70,000 congregations.

When famine was declared in South Sudan in February 2017, PWRDF allocated $25,000 of the funds in its Foodgrains Bank equity towards famine relief. Combined with $83,750 from ADRA Canada and a 4:1 match from Global Affairs Canada, $320,000 was used towards famine relief work.

Because of PWRDF’s working relationship with the Foodgrains Bank, it has led to numerous instances of government matching in our funding towards emergency relief and global aid and development projects.

The relationship is furthered by our similar goals in public education and advocacy. The Foodgrains Bank has a wide variety of resources available to the public, offers learning events, and policy expertise on global food security.

If you’re interested in learning more about its members’ work or accessing some of the Foodgrain Bank’s resources, I would encourage you to check them out at

PWRDF is currently working to deepen its longstanding relationship with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank as both organizations recognize the importance and effectiveness to “A Christian response to Global Hunger” (Foodgrains Bank, 2017).

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