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The Best Women’s Organization In Nampula

October 17, 2005

By pwrdf

Mozambique: Pew Bulletin Story

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, and Mozambiquan women are among the poorest of the poor. Because of the complete absence of industries in the Nampula region, women find themselves in very vulnerable economic positions. Through COCAMO (Cooperation Canada Mozambique), PWRDF supports the Caixa das Mulheres de Nampula (CMN), a rural finance union for women, run by women. After very specific training focused on loan portfolio management, CMN has had extraordinary results: membership increased by 135 members; the present loan delinquency is 3.6%, compared to 21% in the past; CMN’s savings have increased by 12% and 90% of the operating costs are recovered. For these and other reasons CMN earned the award of “best women’s organization in Nampula.”

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