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Thanks to you, PWRDF raises $379,000 for famine relief

South Sudanese gather around at a food distribution project organized by ADRA South Sudan, funded in part by PWRDF.

July 12, 2017

By Janice Biehn

WATCH: The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is pleased to report it has received $379,000 in donations toward famine relief. These funds will be matched 1:1 in the federal government’s Famine Relief Fund, which ran from March 17 to June 30, 2017.

Using $20,000 of its equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF has already supported an ADRA (Adventist Relief and Development Agency) South Sudan food distribution project (watch video above).

Over the coming weeks and months, PWRDF will be funding projects in the worst affected countries under the direction of Humanitarian Response Coordinator Naba Gurung and members of PWRDF’s Development Team. “PWRDF will continue to support the work of ACT Alliance members and forums who have long experiences in applying community-based approaches,” says Gurung.

Churches and individuals responded to the desperate need in amounts large and small. “Having just spent two weeks in East Africa, meeting with farmers, business people, government officials and church leaders, including those from Somalia, Burundi, Kenya and South Sudan, I know the needs are high and that support is critical and life-saving,” says PWRDF’s Executive Director Will Postma. “PWRDF, with our partners on the ground, are grateful for prayers and this funding, from all across Canada. It’s an amazing show of support and solidarity.”

The federal fund matching period has ended, but PWRDF is still accepting donations to its Famine Relief Fund as the need continues.