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Building Peaceful Communities in South Africa

Africa Stories, Youth Stories

South Africa: Offering Envelope Story 2003 To see them at the Bokomosa Centre in the heart of Winterveldt Township near Pretoria, they appear to be […]

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Religious Leaders’ Initiative in Uganda

Africa Stories

Uganda: Offering Envelope Story 2003 “Without peace, there can be no sustainable development; without justice, there can be no lasting peace.”  With this, the Development […]

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Foreign Domestic Helpers of Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Stories, Refugees and Migrants Stories

Hong Kong: Pew Bulletin Story 2003 Hundreds of migrant workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand rallied to urge the Hong Kong […]

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Sri Lankan Refugees in India

Asia Pacific Stories, Refugees and Migrants Stories, Sri Lanka

India: Pew Bulletin Story 1999 Like many other refugees throughout the world, life is a constant struggle for Sri Lankans in India.  Malnutrition and inadequate […]

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Fighting Corporate Control in the Phillipines

Asia Pacific Stories, Philippines

Philippines: Pew Bulletin Story 2000 PWRDF is supporting the work of the Development Agency of Tribes in the Cordillera Inc. (DATCI) in northern Philippines.  Leadership […]

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Buying and Selling Humans

Asia Pacific Stories, Philippines, Refugees and Migrants Stories

Philippines: Pew Bulletin Story 1998 “Migration is as old as human kind’s struggle for survival,” says Joy Guzman, Director of the Asia Pacific Mission for […]

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Butterflies of the Solomon Islands

Asia Pacific Stories

Solomon Islands: Pew Bulletin Story 2004 The Solomon Islands have one of the most diverse butterfly populations in the world and are among the main […]

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