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Social Justice, The Hunger Games and PWRDF

March 21, 2017

By Sheilagh

By Charlotte Lilley, Youth Council member from the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario


PWRDF's very popular Hunger is not a Game Resource is in its third print run. Have you used it?
PWRDF’s very popular Hunger is not a Game Resource is in its third print run. Have you used it?

Ever since elementary school I have been interested in issues regarding social justice. I always joined the school “Leadership Council” or “Global Issues Group”, and signed up for the annual trip to WE Day. Growing up as a member of St. James’ Anglican Church in my hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, I had also heard about PWRDF for almost as long as I remember, but until recently, I never really gave much thought to what PWRDF was or what it did. I only knew that it was a non-profit organization, and that it worked on a variety of issues on a global scale.


However, when I attended CLAY 2016 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., my somewhat limited knowledge of the organization was greatly expanded. While I was there, I chose to participate in the “Hunger is Not a Game” ministry project: a workshop which compared one of my favourite books (and movie) series – The Hunger Games – to the issue of global food security. At the workshop I met several members of PWRDF, and was introduced to the idea of applying for a spot on the Youth Council. This inspired me to find out more about the organization, and when I got home I immediately researched more about what PWRDF, and the National Youth Council did. Days later I filled out and submitted my application.


When I attended part of the PWRDF National Meetings in November 2016, I heard incredible and fascinating stories from PWRDF’s partners and staff, and truly realized the importance of the work that PWRDF is doing. I also got to meet the other members of the Youth Council, and found an amazing group of like-minded people, working together to achieve important goals.


Through these experiences with PWRDF, I have learned about the importance of this work, and the ways in which goals are being achieved. But likely the most important thing that I have learned is the importance of the role which passionate, like-minded young people play in this work. I am so glad I chose to go to the Hunger is Not a Game project in P.E.I this summer, and I’m excited to find out where my work in PWRDF will lead me.


* To download a copy of the Hunger is not a Game Resource click here.

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