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Sharing Bread at Sorrento… a Special Experience

July 5, 2014

By act

by Jordan Waterbury, Representative from Kentville, Nova Scotia

Please join us here all week as we have guest bloggers share their experience of the “Sharing Bread” Food Security course at the Sorrento Centre in British Columbia. Tomorrow we will share our last instalment.

Course Participants are Commissioned at the final Eucharist
Course Participants are Commissioned at the final Eucharist

Our time at Sorrento has been great, we learned about many issues of food security, presentations from our partners from Cuba have expanded our knowledge of what food security really means to those who are experiencing it. As well, meeting and getting to know the other participants who bring with them knowledge from their home communities has added to the national and international scope of this pressing issue and given ideas to many of the participants to bring home to their parishes and communities.

I especially loved the inter-generational aspect of the Sharing Bread course and of the Sorrento Centre itself. Some participants have young families who bring their young children and infants with them. One of our participants had her daughter baptized today at the centre during our closing Eucharist this afternoon. It was an amazing experience. It was a prime example of involving young people in our church and passing on the stewardship of our world and faith to the next generation.

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