Veg Out

Many households in Tanzania have only enough ood for four to eight months each year.  PWRDF partner the Diocese of Masasi and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) are funding food security work in Tanzanian villages.

By the end of this five year program, households will have a sustainable source of food with enough for ten months each year.  Farmers who receive seeds and training through the program donate 20% of their crops back to the village seed bank for use by other farmers the next year.

What we have accomplished:

The Diocese of Masasi has been able to expand its food security and preventive health programs since receiving funding from PWRDF/DFATD.  The diocese has supplied villagers with chickens, dairy goats, oxen, maize and ground nuts.  It has also supplied wheel barrows, watering cans and eleven types of seeds to plant now and for the future.

Fred’s Goal:

Your gift of $80 will help one family today and benefit many more in the future.  Passing on these benefits will secure the village food source and provide income for the families who live there.