Some Like It Hot

Some Like it Hot: this program has now concluded –  the video and story can be used as a great example of a PWRDF food security success story that will encourage people to educate and fundraise for other Fredisms.

Fred’s Goal:

Let’s provide 2,000 Haitian students with hot lunches every day, for a year.

For many parents in Haiti, providing enough food for their families is a daily struggle. With your help, we will provide hot lunches to children in school every day, enabling them to learn, grow and imagine a whole new world for themselves.

What We Have Accomplished:

PWRDF works with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and FinnChurch Aid to provide a hot lunch for students in areas most affected by the 2010 earthquake. Since the program’s inception, we have been able to feed nearly 8,000 students, measurably increase school enrolment and the academic performance of students.


Fred Says – Some Like It Hot! from Design Pilot on Vimeo.

A PWRDF Good News Story: Some Like it Hot

Each day, Rosemary leads a team of four women who leave their homes at 3am to walk 2 hours to L’Ecole National Trouin. Once they arrive at the school, they spend the day preparing, serving and cleaning up after the meal which is served to the 478 students at the school. When asked why they put in 16 hour days as volunteers with the school’s hot lunches program, the women replied simply, “It’s because of the children-­‐-­‐now they come to school.”

Rosemary, a volunteer with the school feeding program in Haiti