It’s Good to be Full of Beans

Fred’s Goal:

Let’s help families and individuals as they build their own sustainable food source.
In Western Equatoria State, South Sudan arable land is abundantly available. Host families in Mundry County have allocated part of their lands to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for farming activities. Approximately 3,500 of the most vulnerable received bean seeds and maize, and the tools to maintain these crops. Agricultural extension officers have helped plan and worked to sustain crops.

What We Have Accomplished.

Partners continue to follow up on farming activities while mobilizing resources such as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) for further food assistance, ensuring two full meals a day, to sustain the IDPs and their host families while the crops are maturing. Host communities and local churches continue to assist IDPs whenever possible.

$180.00 will ensure two full meals a day for a family for three months

$90.00 will ensure two full meals a day for a family for six weeks


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A PWRDF Good News Story: It’s Good to be Full of Beans

“When I came back from the refugee camp in Tanzania, I did not have anything. My husband’s family had taken back our land. I had to start from scratch. I was living in my mother’s house that had a small plot of land but we did not use it for agriculture. In the refugee camp we didn’t have much to do. I didn’t even know how to work the land and grow vegetables and fruits. Through the program I learned so much. I have planted ‘lenga-­‐lenga’ (amaranth), onions and eggplant. I have also planted bananas, papayas and an avocado tree. I have a goat and my children have milk from it every day. We don’t go hungry anymore.” Josephine Kabanga.

Josephine Kabanga standing in her field

Josephine Kabanga