Have You Eaten Today

Fred’s Goal:

Let’s help 600 AIDS patients in Mozambique by providing each of them with food baskets.

Each food basket includes a two-month supply of beans, corn flour and other nutritious options. These food baskets ensure patients are strong and healthy enough to successfully maintain their antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.

What We Have Accomplished:

PWRDF, with EHALE, is working to support HIV and AIDS patients by training community health workers to provide medical help and providing food assistance to vulnerable patients during the first two months of their ARV treatment. To date, 400 patients have benefited from the food baskets provided.

$40 provides half a food basket: a one-month supply of food for one AIDS patient

$80 provides one food basket: a two-month supply for one AIDS patient


Fred Says – Have you eaten today? from Design Pilot on Vimeo.

A PWRDF Good News Story: Have You Eaten Today?

Sifa Naru is the widowed mother of three boys. After losing her husband to AIDS in 2009 she was diagnosed as HIV positive. She has had difficulty staying on her anti-­‐retroviral (ARV) medication, which is to be taken twice daily with food, because she often isn’t able to eat twice a day. Without food assistance, the only advice that could be given to her was to divide the small amount of daily food she had into two, so that she could have a few bites of food with each dose. As a mother, the notion of keeping food for herself over her children in and of itself was difficult. The treatment was also extremely hard on her body, as she was regularly undernourished. Thanks to PWRDF’s partner the Association for Community Health (EHALE), Sifa today has been able to commit to her treatment ensuring her family does not go hungry and improving her wellbeing for the longer term.

Dalia Joao (left) is a community health worker who helps Sifa Naru (right)

Dalia Joao (left) is a community health worker who helps Sifa Naru (right)