Featured Partner: SPFTC – Philippines

Since 1996, SPFTC has been the pioneer fair trade organization for central Visayas, promoting fair trade practices for the fruit growers in the region. SPFTC has a fruit processing plant and a fair trade shop located in Cebu City to sell the processed fruits along with other local crafts and food items. The plant provides workers with opportunities for skills training and capacity building. Women make up 40% of the workforce and worker turnover is low because rights are respected and working conditions are healthy. SPFTC arranges for various discussions on socio-economic issues, workers’ rights and training for its fruit growers. With the help of PWRDF partner FARDEC, SPFTC has helped farmers shift to organic and natural methods of growing fruits, and raised awareness of the environmental and health hazards when using agro chemicals. Most of the growers are share croppers. Before they formed their own groups and association share croppers could keep only one third of their produce. Now they can keep up to 80%. One growers group present at the training said that with the help of FARDEC and SPFTC, they have even been able to obtain ownership of their land from their absentee landlord.