Featured Partner: EHALE – Mozambique

Agita Martinho lives in Mozambique and she has AIDS. When staff from EHALE met with her, she was bedridden. They took her to the hospital to be tested and to begin anti-retroviral therapy. Little by little Agita recovered her health and when she heard that EHALE was carrying out training for farmers in a nearby village, she joined the training. She was a committed trainee and applied all of the techniques she learned to her farm. Land ownership in the Megovolas district belongs to those who cultivate it. Agita took on two hectares of land and grew maize, peanuts, beans, sesame, cassava, pumpkins and other vegetables. She became a model farmer and her farm is now used as a hub where other farmers come to learn how to increase production through crop diversification. Agita credits the food that she grows and the goat that she received from EHALE as a means to prevent others from dying of hunger as she almost did when she was sick.