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Quest for Water

June 20, 2010

By pwrdf

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June 20 Story: Quest for Water

Farmers in the community of Englanded, Philippines didn’t know when they approached the Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) that they were going to be starting a movement that would enable them to effectively lobby against large commercial farming, cheap imports, and agri-business concerns that threaten their way of life.  What they knew was that the only way they could get water to their family farms, built on terraces on the mountainsides, was to lug it up from the river valleys.
The partnership with the ECP helped to create the Englanded Community Organization, which has helped the farmers to resist foreign, large-scale commercial farming in their community.  It has helped them to maintain their traditional methods of pest control and crop rotation as well as adopting new methods of growing flowers and vegetables in greenhouses.

Your donation to PWRDF can help farmers in the Philippines to continue to develop their community in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways, and to maintain a way of life practiced by their families for generations.

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