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PWRDF Youth Council gathers in NB

PWRDF Diocesan rep Anne Walling, PWRDF youth council members James Mesich and Jessica Steele and Archdeacon Rob Marsh at Christ Church in Bloomfield, N.B.

May 31, 2018

By Mike Ziemerink

Twice a year a group of dedicated Anglicans aged 16 to 30 meets to discuss how they can further involve youth in the social justice and development work in which PWRDF takes part. The PWRDF Youth council’s most recent meeting at Camp Medley in the Diocese of Fredericton, not only saw the group working hard to plan their outreach for the coming months but also visiting the Outflow ministry in Saint John and preaching at parishes around New Brunswick.

“As there are currently no Youth Council members from New Brunswick, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to get out into the community and spread the good word of PWRDF,” says Alexandra Hedderson a Youth Council member. “Camp Medley is a beautiful facility and although water heights were high while we were at the camp, this did not affect our stay.”

IMG_20180510_203142This meeting saw the Youth Council welcoming two new members Duncan Chalmers from Victoria and Laura Muzyka from Winnipeg. After the new members were welcomed the group got down to work having discussions and making decisions about furthering the development and humanitarian work of PWRDF.

A highlight of the weekend was visiting the Outflow Ministry in Saint John. Youth council members were amazed by the Ministry’s commitment to helping the community. One building within the ministry housed a men’s shelter, a church hall, the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton Bishop’s office, and a dentist office for those who can’t afford regular check-ups.

“I was truly stunned and awestruck by their unconventional utilization of physical spaces in their mission to treat every person as having Christ in them, no matter how broken we may all be” said Leah Marshall, a youth council member.

The group also made visits to local parishes to share the work of PWRDF and learn about how the local churches were getting involved in the social justice matters PWRDF tackles.

The congregation of Central Kings and Upham was thrilled to have youth council members Jessica Steele and James Mesich come to speak. Jessica, who represents the Diocese of British Columbia, spoke about a PWRDF project in the remote First Nations community of Pikangikum, where clean water has been brought to 20 homes. James represents the diocese of Algoma in Ontario. He spoke about his love for Jesus and how he views PWRDF as having the same goal as Jesus – a healthy and just world.

James and Jessica joined the parish for a potluck after they spoke and got to know parishioners one-on-one. “They graciously answered questions and shared stories,” said Anne Walling, PWRDF Diocesan Rep. “All in all, it was a very positive and joyful experience getting to know this dynamic duo.”

The council enjoyed their time in New Brunswick and not only accomplished a great deal of planning and decision making, but also was able to provide outreach to parishes about PWRDF while visiting.

“It was wonderful to be able to go outside and experience what New Brunswick had to offer,” said Charlotte Lilley, a youth council member. “I also loved having the opportunity to experience the work that was being done around the province, especially through our visit to Outflow in Saint John; everywhere we went we were very warmly welcomed!”