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PWRDF supports TSURO Trust with food security in Zimbabwe

March 16, 2019

By Juan Camilo Suárez Colmenares

PWRDF has partnered with TSURO Trust on a $38,000 project to improve nutrition in 100 households through Farmer Action Learning Groups and Community Health Clubs. PWRDF is contributing $30,000. The project will take place in Chimanimani, a remote area that is dry with mostly infertile soil. Smallholder farmers practise subsistence farming and more than three quarters of the population is poor. The average household monthly income is $79. Nutrition security has decreased, as well as the prevalence of diseases, lack of water availability, inadequate housing and child and youth vulnerability. The project will:

  • Help families become self-aware of their nutrition deficiencies
  • Support beneficiaries in organic food production
  • Document how nutrition security influences farmers’ practices
  • Reduce the incidence of acute malnutrition
  • Provide practical approaches to nutrition security that can be replicated in larger areas

TSURO is recognized for implementing the community-driven Farmer Action Learning Group model. This innovative approach focuses on family nutrition assessments and empowers farmers to take control of their wellbeing, addressing both their farming practices and nutrition needs.

Our local partner also acknowledges the importance of addressing gender issues, so some of the workshops will look at the correlation between gender, household nutrition and conflict transformation.

According to TSURO, 11% of the population suffers from acute malnutrition and 39% of the population is food insecure. Internal migration from areas that receive lower rainfall to those with higher rainfall has also increased the pressure on the availability of water resources. Women have the responsibility of collecting water and wood, and more than 40% of the households are led by single mothers, putting them at greater risk of food insecurity.

Since TSURO started working in Chimanimani District, the organization has positively affected 40,000 Zimbabweans by empowering communities with well sustained natural resources, contributing to improved healthy and food security, and promoting farmer initiatives and marketing businesses. This is achieved by working alongside traditional leaders and stakeholders who want to reduce poverty in Chimanimani.

– with files from Richard Librock, PWRDF External Funding Program Manager

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