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PWRDF Responsive Program Grant FAQ

1. What is the PWRDF Responsive Program grant? 

The Responsive Program grant is a complement to PWRDF’s longer term programs and partnerships in support of Indigenous-led priorities for development. It is intended to support new initiatives and ‘pilot’ projects in support of safe water, youth engagement, climate action and community health.

2. Who can apply for a grant?  

The grant is open to Indigenous-led communities and organizations that have a charitable registration status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

3. What is the amount I can apply for? 

The range of funding for the initiative is between $5,000 and $15,000.

4. How many grants will be awarded?  

PWRDF is anticipating to support 5 to 10 grants, dependent on applications received that meet funding criteria.

5. Can an application be made for a program that is already running? 

PWRDF is looking to support new projects, but these can also include pilot initiatives within existing programs. Please contact us for clarification.

6. Can an application be made from organizations that have received funds from PWRDF in the past? 

Yes, provided the application is for a new project or initiative.

7. Can I apply for a grant for a program that takes place for more than one year (multi-year funding)?  

Yes, this is possible, and we would encourage a duration of a project that fits best with the project.

8. How do I apply for a grant?  

Please complete the application form found here, and the Excel budget form found here. You can complete the application form online, save it and then email it to [email protected]. You can also download it or forward it.

9. When are applications due? 

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Grants are dependent upon the availability of funds. Please send completed applications to [email protected]

10. What criteria will be used to decide on which applications will be funded? 

PWRDF uses a review and approval process for the applications it receives. The application notes the importance of identifying activities and results that respond to one or more of the four support areas: safe water, youth engagement, climate action and community health.

11. When and how will I be notified if my application was successful or not?  

PWRDF will acknowledge receipt of your application via email, within three business days of receiving it. We will make fudning decisions by October 31, 2021.

12. What are the reporting requirements for successful grant recipients?  

For each project, there will be a Gift Agreement developed, also outlining the reporting requirements. A short update every three months would be required with regards to activities, spending and lessons learned. An end of project report would also be required to show results and overall learning.

13. Can dioceses apply for funding?

Yes, dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada can apply for funding, as can other organizations that are registered with Canada Revenue Agency. Dioceses may wish to complement a fund request to PWRDF with their own funds in support of a larger project aimed at benefiting Indigenous communities.

14. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?  

For questions about the grant or the application process, please contact PWRDF’s Indigenous Program Coordinator José Zárate at [email protected].