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PWRDF responds to tropical storm Julia in Guatemala

(Left to right) Raquel Vasquez and daughter Dalila, and Ana Matias are among the leaders of Mother Tierra.

November 3, 2022

By Janice Biehn

PWRDF is supporting communities in Guatemala affected by Tropical storm Julia, with an emergency grant of $25,000. The storm caused deaths and destruction of livelihoods of many households that were already vulnerable natural hazards such as floods. It severely hit the communities where members of Madre Tierra (Mother Earth Women’s Association), a longstanding partner of PWRDF live and work. Communities such as Conrado de la Cruz, Monseñor Romero, Monte Gloria, Willy Wood, Santa Cruz Laredo, Santa Rita y Lupita, all in the municipality of Santo Domingo Suchitepéquez, have been severely affected. 

MT has been approached by the local government to coordinate the relief efforts. MT’s women’s network is well established in these communities. The women will design, implement and monitor the project at the grassroots level.

With the PWRDF relief grant, MT will work with 160 of the worst affected households who used to be vulnerable even prior to the storm and whose situations have been made worse. These households include widows, people with disabilities and others who are socio-economically marginalized. They will be supported with basic food rations including corn, beans, cooking oil and flour for three months. This relief grant will allow them to remain in their communities, look after their families and farms, and rebuild their livelihoods. 

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