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PWRDF responds to Nepal appeals for help after flooding

Relief material being delivered to the affected people in Jhapa. LWF Nepal photo

August 21, 2017

By Janice Biehn

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PWRDF has pledged a rapid response grant of $25,000 to ACT Alliance to be given to Lutheran World Federation, Nepal Program, in the wake of devastating floods.

On the morning of Sunday, August 13, massive floods due to continuous torrential rainfall badly struck 18 districts in the southern plains of Nepal. The Nepal government has reported 115 deaths, 38 missing, and approximately six million people directly affected by the floods.

Land in the southern plains is heavily populated and is agricultural farming land. Almost all of the cultivated crops, agriculture farming land and livestock have been affected by the current floods. This adds up to a loss of livelihood for the farmers, as well as a loss of food supply for the Nepalese people.

The devastating floods triggered by unceasing rains in the second week of August 2017 spelled a disaster in the life of Bale Nepali, a resident of Bhajani municipality in Kailali. The flood not only destroyed his house and peanut farm but also swept away cattle and chickens, rendering his six-member family starving and homeless.

Google Maps
Google Maps

“The floods came early in the morning and it changed our normal life to a tragedy,” says Nepali, who lives near the Pathariya River. “While we were trying to escape, the flood water came in through the door of my house,” he says.

LWF Nepal, who has been working in most of the affected districts since 1984, is now helping and planning to support people affected by the floods, working in close coordination with government stakeholders. With ACT Alliance Nepal Forum, it has conducted a rapid needs assessment to have better understanding of existing vulnerabilities. As of now the major needs identified are in providing shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and food.

Nepali was one of the recipients of an LWF Nepal relief package in Bharthaha village of Bhajani Municipality. LWF provided relief to 123 flood-affected families in the village. They were given beaten rice, instant noodle, water, rice and pulse.  The people had been starved for more than three days.

— with files from ACT Alliance

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