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PWRDF responds to a US$1 million ACT appeal for Venezuela

June 12, 2019

By Naba Gurung

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The economic situation in Venezuela has been deteriorating rapidly over the last year, generating a climate of economic insecurity that is affecting the population in multiple ways. There are many complex factors at work, such as hyperinflation and food shortages, as well as ineffective economic management, excessive levels of corruption, violence and significant exodus of the population.

As a result, Venezuela now faces a Complex Humanitarian Emergency (CHE). ACT Alliance has issued an appeal and PWRDF has made an initial contribution of $30,000 for a relief effort which began June 1, 2019.

ACT Alliance member DKH (Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung) carried out a field mission to establish links with four local organizations with experience in the propose project areas. These organizations have strong links with the leaders and vulnerable communities which will influence the acceptance of the project activities.

Program plans

DKH, working with local partners, will deliver a daily lunch and utensils to elderly people, disabled persons, breastfeeding and pregnant women and the general highly vulnerable population for 10 months. The project will also:

  • provide and install taps so that the population can access water that is fit for human consumption and safely wash kitchen utensils
  • provide individual psychological assistance, health assistance and psychosocial counselling
  • provide seeds and tools to plant family gardens that will supplement diets;
  • measure children’s weight and size and provide food and micro-nutrient supplements to those at risk of malnutrition
  • provide mosquito nets impregnated with repellent and hammocks to families with the greatest needs in the zones with disease caused by vectors (dengue, malaria, zika, etc.),
  • reactivate a health centre so that people can receive medical consultations and treatments free of charge
  • organize health brigades in communities to transport people to the health centre
  • provide school kits to children
  • monitor post-distribution when applicable

Expected outcomes

  • Improved cooking facilities
  • 1,100 individuals have improved their access to food
  • 1,100 individuals have increased access to safe water
  • 1,240 children recover from Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) (nutrition program with children in Caracas and Amazonas)
  • 8,500 individuals able to access health services and treatment
  • 3,500 individuals receive a mosquito net treated with repellent and a hammock to protect against malaria, dengue and zika.
  • 770 individuals have access to psychosocial support services.
  • 480 families produce agricultural products for self-consumption (vegetable gardens)
  • 2,800 children receive school supplies to support their attendance at school

How you can help:

To give to PWRDF’s Venezuela appeal, please go to and choose Emergency Response.