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PWRDF partner receives USAID grant

A mother carries her child after receiving care at the MNCH dispensary built by PWRDF and EHALE

June 5, 2019

By Mike Ziemerink

PWRDF partner EHALE received some great news recently – their work with maternal and newborn health in Mozambique will continue after being awarded a five-year $3 million US grant from USAID.

EHALE has been implementing PWRDF’s All Mothers and Children Count (AMCC) program in Mozambique for the last three years and will continue until March 2020. The project has made huge strides in improving Maternal Newborn and Child Health in the country.

By the end of March 2020, three MNCH dispensaries will be operational in Nampula province, providing healthcare, family planning services and more. With PWRDF’s support EHALE has also installed 30 solar suitcases at health centres to provide reliable, clean electricity to the clinics so they can be operational after the sun goes down for night-time deliveries.

Watch our solar suitcase video!

All this work has really paid off for EHALE, whose progress in the AMCC program impressed Mozambican Government authorities and motivated them to write glowing recommendations of the organization to USAID.

“EHALE and the AMCC program is seen as being very practical and solid on the ground,” said Richard Librock, PWRDF’s external funding program manager who manages the AMCC program.

The AMCC program has helped increase EHALE’s capacity and prepare them for the grant from USAID. PWRDF staff have travelled to Mozambique regularly to work with EHALE on coaching and developing the capacity of staff to effectively monitor and evaluate projects, prepare reports, complete financial reports and adopt new software.

“This grant is great news for the sustainability of the AMCC project as the new project with USAID will continue to work in all nine AMCC districts,” said Librock.

The new project, a consortium with EHALE and other organizations, will build from the solid foundation PWRDF has laid, and continue to improve the health of mothers and children in Mozambique.

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