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PWRDF Partner CIEDEG and Tropical Storm Agatha

June 4, 2010

By pwrdf

In the wake of Tropical Storm Agatha, PWRDF has been in touch with Miriam Miriam Iquique, the staff person for the Ecumencial Woman’s Network.  The storm has killed 180 people in Guatemala City, destroyed the homes of many, and caused a massive sink hole which has swallowed a clothing factory.  In addition, over 11,000 people were evacuated in El Salvador with 10 reported dead so far.

Miriam reports that she was forced to evacuate her home and spend several days in a shelter.  A landslide damaged over 70 homes in her small community outside of Guatemala City.

In Guatemala, PWRDF works with the Guatemalan Conference of Evangelical Churches (CIEDEG) to promote women’s rights, working to enable women to become full and active members of Guatemalan society.    PWRDF has partnered with the Ecumenical Women’s Network sponsored by the Conference of Evangelical Churches. Miriam is a Kakchiquel indigenous woman who emerged from the volunteer leadership of the organization.

The goals of the Network are:

  • to promote the participation of women in community development,
  • and   to involve Indigenous women in the economic, political, religious, social, and cultural life of Guatemala.

These goals are achieved through building up women as social leaders, developing a process of “citizen formation” to enhance women’s roles in decision-making processes, sensitizing Guatemalans to issues of domestic violence, developing income generation projects, and developing an equity and gender justice policy for the Guatemalan Conference of Evangelical Churches.

While everyone in her community is safe, Miriam tells us many children are sick and have no resources to visit the doctor.  PWRDF, through Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance), is working with the Guatemalan Conference of Evangelical Churches to respond to this disaster. 

PWRDF has sent $20,000 for disaster relief in the wake of Tropical Storm Agatha.  You can support the relief effort here.