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PWRDF Overseas Volunteer Opportunity

An OfERR staff members helps load milk collected by returned refugees onto a truck. Photo: Simon Chambers

May 13, 2013

By Simon Chambers

When PWRDF enters into a partnership with an agency to do development work, that partnership isn’t just about money flowing from PWRDF to the partner.  Partnership is a two-way street that involves both sides sharing and learning and benefiting from the relationship.  And PWRDF’s contribution is much more than money- it can be advocacy, accompaniment, advice, or even volunteers.

PWRDF’s Connections program has been working with the Organization for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR) in India to develop a job description for a four to six month placement based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  PWRDF has worked with OfERR for almost 30 years as this group of Tamil refugees has organized itself to help Tamil refugees to improve their lives and to return to their home in Sri Lanka.  That return may soon be underway, and OfERR is looking for PWRDF’s help to make it happen more smoothly.

OfERR is seeking a volunteer with strong skills in grant proposal writing, communications, and international development to help them to improve their capacity at writing, creating grant proposals, and using a variety of communications tools including their website and newsletter.

“Someone taking on this volunteer role will have an opportunity not only to help OfERR build and strengthen capacity, but to experience the work of this organization, which was founded by refugees for refugees and has used ingenuity and unique approaches to solve some of the issues they face in India and Sri Lanka,” said Carolyn Vanderlip, PWRDF’s Connections Program Development Coordinator.

The full job description is available [documents_link docid=”189″ docname=”here” link_only=”yes”].  Please take a look and share it with anyone you think would be the right volunteer for the task!

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