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PWRDF announces $20,000 for displaced people following Mosul military operation

Food packages like these will be distributed to families fleeing the violence in and around Mosul. Photo: ACT/Christian Aid/Tracey Shelton

October 18, 2016

By Simon Chambers

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As the battle to retake Mosul begins, humanitarian agencies estimate that 1.5 million people will be impacted.  This is in addition to the one third of the total Iraqi population of 34 million that has already been displaced by the war.

PWRDF has announced $20,000 through the ACT Alliance to provide support to those fleeing the battle.

“The most immediate needs will be for water, food, emergency shelter, and medical assistance,” said ACT in their emergency alert.  PWRDF has been supporting the ACT response to the needs of those displaced by the ongoing conflict since 2014.

ACT members will be providing water and sanitation, shelter kits, household supplies, cash, food, medical aid and psychosocial support to thousands of people forced to flee this major offensive.

Humanitarian organizations began preparing for the potential of this battle in February, and have prepared space for 60,000 displaced people at camps and emergency locations within Iraq, and another 230,000 spaces are planned.

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