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PWRDF among 100 best Canadian charities: Maclean’s

October 28, 2019

By Janice Biehn

PWRDF has been chosen by Maclean’s magazine as one of the 100 best Canadian charities for 2020.

To be considered for the Maclean’s list, charities must be listed in the Charity Intelligence report and must have at least $2 million in annual revenue.

“PWRDF staff work extremely hard with our 35 implementing partners around the world to ensure transparency and financial accountability, and to share results with Anglicans and other donors in a meaningful way. We are grateful to our network of dedicated volunteers who further spread the word,” says Will Postma, Executive Director of PWRDF.

PWRDF scored a final grade of 92.5%. This is derived from scoring 100% in the financials grade (weighted at 60%) plus 81% in the transparency grade (weighted at 40%). There are 10 charities listed in the International sector.

In the financial metrics, Maclean’s looked at four categories: overhead ratio, fundraising ratio, charity reserves and compensation of highest-paid employee and fundraising ratio. For example, full points were awarded to organizations that keep the amount of every dollar raised on fundraising to between 15 and 35 cents.

The analysis also reviewed a charity’s ease of access to financial statements. PWRDF received full marks for being transparent in publishing our audited financial statements and annual report on our website and making them easy to find.

A further part of the analysis focused on how charities communicate results. “What do charities actually do with your money, once they get it?” asks Maclean’s. “What programs do they run? Who benefits from them? What is the charity’s mission statement and how is its work tied to it? What problem is it trying to solve and is the charity making any headway?” Points are awarded for providing answers to these questions on websites and in annual reports.

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