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Planting Seeds of Hope Phyllis Hawley and Trish Peebles, St. Laurence Parish, Calgary

September 2, 2015

By Christine Hills

Jerremie and Emily Clyde give Sharing Bread- Calgary participants a tour of Little Loaves Farm
Jerremie and Emily Clyde give Sharing Bread- Calgary participants a tour of Little Loaves Farm

On our final day of the PWRDF Sharing Bread– Calgary food security workshop, we travelled north towards Sundre and then west towards the Alberta Rockies. Our first stop was the Bergen Agricultural and Arts Farmers’ Market.  There we were greeted by Gerald Ingeveld, who gave a brief history of Bergen and introduced us to the vendors.  They included professional musicians, a neurosurgeon, a writer, a minister, farmers and ranchers who produce their own food, and create their art.  Calm and soothing music from a string quartet enhanced our market experience.

Our next stop was Bearberry and Little Loaves Farm owned by Jerremie and Rita Clyde. A large pot of healthy venison and barley soup made from local ingredients was waiting. Delicious buns from a Calgary bakery satisfied large appetites.

It was a pleasure to share bread with Jerremie and Rita and their children. Their love for God, creation and community was evident in their farming practices. They farm intentionally, fences follow the contours of the land, trees provide windbreaks, crops support each other and deter insects that destroy plants, and water is circulated in a dugout and provides essential moisture. Crops are surrounded by clever fences, designed to keep deer and elk from jumping over for a feast. Those crops include rye, oats, peas, beans, buckwheat, quinoa and corn.

Yaks recently acquired on the farm provided some excitement! These yaks had not yet learned the rules and had broken through the fence. While the rest of us watched, Suzanne Rumsey and Chris Longson assisted Jerremie and his neighbours in wrangling the yaks into a corral.

We began the Sharing Bread workshop by each planting a real seed in a pot. We ended with a worship service “Seeds for Life.” As we gave thanks for God’s creation, seeds of hope were planted. May they be nourished and flourish so that we are ever mindful of our place in God’s creation, and be good stewards and advocates locally and globally.

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