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Planning today for a better tomorrow: A PWRDF monthly donor reflects

PWRDF Diocesan Representative and monthly donor, Terry Francis, poses at a PWRDF gathering in Toronto

October 30, 2023

By Jacqueline Tucci

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PWRDF donors come from all walks of life, but all donors have one thing in common – a passion for PWRDF’s mission of working hand-in-hand with trusted partners in Canada and around the world on a journey of positive change, to improve health, food security and livelihoods where needs are greatest. PWRDF donors allow us to support our partners as they carry out this important work. Monthly donations allow us to plan and prepare for this support, and to be ready when emergencies arise.

One of PWRDF’s monthly donors is Terry Francis, a retired Anglican priest, current Diocesan Rep in the Diocese of Athabasca in Alberta and a farmer. As a long-time, devoted member of the Anglican church, PWRDF’s mission is close to Terry’s heart. He has been supporting the work of PWRDF and partners for over 20 years.

“I have always been a supporter of PWRDF, but 2002 was a major eye-opener for me,” Terry says.

“We went through a terrible drought here in western Canada and I was faced with going into the winter with no feed for over 300 head of livestock. I solved the problem but to do so I had to borrow heavily to obtain the feed I needed. This drought was a financial problem for me.”

While Terry was facing a feed shortage due to drought, his youngest son was returning from a research project in Africa. Terry’s son explained that the area he had been working in was experiencing a similar drought.

“The difference between what he saw [in Africa] and what we saw here was that in Africa, all their livestock was dead and all the very young and very old were dying. For us it was economic, for them it was life and death.”

From this experience, Terry became a strong supporter of PWRDF and the work of our partners. For Terry, this work is also an extension of his Anglican faith.

“What we do through PWRDF is a practical way to live what my faith asks of me,” Terry explains.

“This is especially true when I look at the fact that the standard of living I enjoy is achieved on the backs of the less fortunate in our world today. To not respond to the need we see daily around the world is probably one of our greatest sins.”

As a farmer, Terry is used to planning in his work. In fact, he is always planning and budgeting at least two to three years ahead. So, when Terry saw the role that planning plays in the work of PWRDF and its partners, he saw how it paralleled his own life. He also saw the convenience in not having to remember to make his regular donation and made the switch to become a monthly donor.

In addition to his monthly donations, Terry continues to support PWRDF at other times. “We regularly respond to special appeals from PWRDF, when we see a special need that needs to be addressed,” he says. Terry has responded to PWRDF appeals for aid to the Ukraine and Sudan, as well as the solar suitcase program and the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Fund.

Ultimately, it’s Terry’s long-term thinking that inspires him to continue to give monthly to PWRDF.

“I feel that [my monthly donation] supports my belief that as well as responding to an emergency, we can work for long-term solutions.”

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